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For best results, it is recommended wrapping oiled hair in our luxury micro-fibre hair towel and leaving 5-15 minutes (or overnight) to absorb excess water and allow the oil to penetrate and moisturize the hair and follicles.



  • Prevents friction and breakage of hair whilst drying, compared with regular towels.
  • Absorbs excess water after washing.
  • Cuts out the drying time
  • Less laundry and of course you’ll get the perfect turban every time hands-free.
  • Easily applied and dries hair fast, absorbing excess water to reduce fizziness.
  • Five minutes in the wrap after washing is all you need before you either style or air dry your hair.
  • Less weight on your neck compared to conventional towels.
  • Create the perfect turban every time!
  • Small and lightweight so ideal for traveling.

Luxury Hair Towel Wrap

£10.00 Regular Price
£7.50Sale Price






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