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Promotes hair growth and strength in thinning, brittle, damaged hair. Promotes Softness, smoothness and shine making hair fuller.

Divinely scented with purpose - enriched with jasmine, ginger and avocado. Treats dandruff + itchy scalps - contains vitamin e oil.

For all hair types from childhood to adulthood.

Heals hair damaged from over-processing, colouring, heat styling, sun and pollution. Easy-to-use enriched with avocado, ginger, jasmine and vitamin E oils.


Hair growth and thickness from botanical ingredients

Ginger and castor stimulate hair follicles, penetrating into your roots, scalp and hair shaft to aid growth, super strength and thickness. Blended with avocado oil to promote shine, working in harmony to aid growth, repair the scalp, and replenish your hair ends to healthier, thicker, fuller hair that shines out from the crowd.


Hair Growth & Hydration Oil

£10.00 Regular Price
£7.50Sale Price






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